LPG (Autogas) has been safely used in vehicles in the world since the early 1950s.

Some would argue the manner in which LPG is stored in a vehicle is safer than petrol.


LPG conversion systems have a number of important safety features including:

A 3mm welded pressure cylinder that is designed to withstand many times its maximum operating pressure. (Whereas many cars are now fitted with composite or plastic petrol tanks).

Electronically controlled shut-off solenoids which stops the flow of gas to the engine if the engine stops for any reason.

Pressure relief valves for the tank and the system to prevent any pressure build up that may damage the system or be hazardous.

Double back-check valves to ensure gas tight filling

Sealed compartments and venting around valves and pipe work to ensure no LPG enters the interior of the vehicle

Approved components to ensure long service life.


     LPG has an odourant added to it so that if there is a leak at theservice station or in your fuel line, it can be easily detected by anyone. As LPG is heavier than air, the LPG installation is fitted so that even in the unlikely event of a leak, the LPG is vented safely outside the vehicle.

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